Co-Design, Volume III

Book description

Working in complex systems brings fresh challenges to leaders, managers, consultants, and those involved in their education. This book (the third in a series of three) introduces a set of practices that will help you develop confidence and strength in working in new ways across boundaries. We know intuitively that when we move outside our organizational boundaries, we need new ways of practicing that will respond to the needs of others and shape the emerging future. Each chapter focuses on a specific practice and explains what it looks like, why it is relevant, and how to integrate it into your work.

Questions for reflection and suggested activities offer ideas for immediate action. The format invites the reader to pick a chapter or two when it feels like a good time to engage with professional development. The material is also suitable for discussion with colleagues as part of team development. The practical, applied nature of this book means that it can be used in many different ways to spark ideas and stimulate new ways of working as individuals and collectively. Leaders in complex systems will grow in confidence and expand their practice repertoire as they engage with the material in this volume.

Product information

  • Title: Co-Design, Volume III
  • Author(s): Dr. Stefan Cantore
  • Release date: October 2018
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781948198776