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Coaching for Action: A Report on Long-term Advising in a Program Context

Book Description

The Center for Creative Leadership developed the role of process advisor in order to provide a long-term coaching solution within the context of its LeaderLab program. Process advisors encourage and enable individuals to take more effective action in leadership situations, action that develops those individuals and others in the pursuit of goals that benefit all.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Introduction
  7. Why Process Advisors Are Important to Development
    1. The Center’s View of Development
    2. What the Clients Wanted from Development Training
    3. Meeting the Challenge of Development
  8. Creating the Process Advisor
    1. Naming and Defining the Process Advisor
    2. The Tasks of the Process Advisor
    3. The Tools of the Process Advisor
    4. The Roles of the Process Advisor
  9. How to Be an Effective Process Advisor
    1. The Three Keys of Effective Process Advisors
    2. Developing Effective Process Advisors
  10. What We Have Learned About Process Advising
    1. Process Advising Is Different from Executive Coaching
    2. Process Advising Requires Advisee Readiness
    3. The Process Advisor Provides a Safe Environment
    4. The Process Advisor Must Understand the Advisee’s Situation
    5. Process Advising Is Real-time Support
    6. The Process Advisor Provides On-time Action Learning
    7. The Process Advisor Blends Candor and Belief in the Advisee
    8. The Process Advisor Works with the Changes the Advisee Wants to Make
    9. Process Advising Makes the Most of the Advisor-Advisee Pairing
    10. The Process Advisor Establishes Clear Expectations and a Framework
  11. Other Uses for Process Advising
    1. To Nurture Developmental Relationships and Systems
    2. To Maximize New Technologies
    3. To Support Strategic Goals
    4. To Set Action Plans or Development Plans
  12. Is Process Advising Right for Your Organization?
    1. A Brief Exercise for Determining the Suitability of Process Advising
    2. Alternative and Adjunct Roles for Internal Long-term Advising
    3. The Value of Process Advising
  13. References
  14. Suggested Reading
  15. Appendices
    1. Appendix A. Description of the LeaderLab Program
    2. Appendix B. Learning Journals: A Means for Reflecting on Practice
    3. Appendix C. Participant Essay on the Tools of the Program
    4. Appendix D. Examples of Process Advisor Roles in Action
    5. Appendix E. Statements by LeaderLab Participants About Their Process Advising Experience
    6. Appendix F. Case Study
    7. Appendix G. A Survey of Clients’ Needs Around Programs