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Coaching for Commitment: Achieving Superior Performance from Individuals and Teams, Third Edition

Book Description

This new, third edition of the best-selling Coaching for Commitment is based on the groundbreaking coaching work of the late Dennis C. Kinlaw. In this thoroughly revised and updated edition the authors, Cindy Coe and Amy Zehnder clearly show that coaching is a proven strategy for improving performance in today's environment of intense competitiveness for total customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and the drive to deliver superior products and services.

This book includes the most current coaching strategies and methodologies and provides information on the latest definitions of what coaching is and ways to succeed at coaching. The authors take Kinlaw's concept of tying coaching and commitment one step further and make commitment to action part of a new coaching model. Coaching for Commitment offers a practical, how-to guide to coaching for anyone (no matter what their skill level) who wants to hone their coaching skills for a range of circumstances and using a variety of methods--face-to-face, with a virtual team, on the fly, by phone, or e-mail.

Coaching for Commitment is filled with easy to use tools, illustrative examples, and sample coaching conversations that clearly show how to use the coaching process, understand the underlying model, and develop the needed skills.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About This Book
  3. Dedication
  6. Introduction
  7. Coaching for Commitment
    1. Successful Coaching: A Working Definition
    2. Coaching Works
    3. The Meaning of Commitment
    4. Building Commitment Through Coaching
    5. Coaching for Commitment
    6. Coaching Moment
    7. Chapter Summary
  8. The Coach Role
    1. Role Distinctions—What and How
    2. Shift Happens!
    3. Coach Role
    4. Coaching Moment
    5. Chapter Summary
  9. The Coaching Process
    1. Coaching Prism
    2. Putting the Pieces Together
    3. Coaching Moment
    4. Chapter Summary
  10. Trust
    1. Establishing and Maintaining Trust
    2. Coaching Moment
    3. Chapter Summary
  11. The InDiCom Coaching Model
    1. InDiCom Coaching Model Stage I: Involve
    2. InDiCom Coaching Model Stage II: Discover
    3. InDiCom Coaching Model Stage III: Commit
    4. Interdependent Stages
    5. Coaching Moment
    6. Chapter Summary
  12. CLEAR Coaching Skills
    1. Challenge
    2. Listen
    3. Encourage
    4. Ask
    5. Refine
    6. Coaching Moment
    7. Chapter Summary
  13. Plan to Coach
    1. Performance Coaching
    2. Documentation
    3. Note-Taking
    4. Coaching Channels
    5. Coaching Tools
    6. Coaching Moment
    7. Chapter Summary
  14. The Complete Coaching Conversation
    1. General Coaching—PBC's Why
    2. Performance Coaching—Coach's Why
    3. Coaching Moments
    4. Coaching by Email
    5. Coaching Moment
    6. Chapter Summary
  15. Creating a Coaching for Commitment Culture
    1. What Does a Coaching for Commitment Culture Look Like?
    2. Create a Value Proposition for Coaching
    3. How to Create a Coaching for Commitment Culture
    4. Gaining Commitment to a Coaching for Commitment Culture
    5. Coaching Moment
    6. Chapter Summary
  17. Thirty-Five Coaching Questions
  18. Twenty Reality Checks
  19. Twenty Validate and Celebrate Statements
  20. Your Personal Coaching for Commitment Plan
  21. Evaluating Your Coaching
    1. How to Read Your Scores