Chapter 4

Ecological Approaches to Coastal Risk Mitigation

Simon Hoggart1, Stephen J. Hawkins2, Katrin Bohn2,3, Laura Airoldi4, Jim van Belzen5, Amandine Bichot6, David T. Bilton1, Tjeerd J. Bouma5, Marina Antonia Colangelo7, Andrew J. Davies3, Filippo Ferrario4, Louise B. Firth8, Cristina Galván9, Michael Hanley10, Hugues Heurtefeux11, Javier L. Lara12, Iñigo Losada Rodriguez12, Maria Maza12, Barbara Ondiviela Eizaguirre12, Simon D. Rundle1, Martin W. Skov3, Elisabeth M. Strain13, Anissia White10, Liquan Zhang14, Zhenchang Zhu14,15,  and Richard C. Thompson1     1Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre, School of Marine Science and Engineering, University of Plymouth (UoP), Plymouth, UK     2Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre ...

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