Cocktail Investing

Book description

The automatic filter against bad, irrelevant, outdated investing information

Cocktail Investing takes a look at investing in a different, catalyst-driven light to form a more cohesive, globally relevant investing lens. With a focus on the intersection of economics, demographics, psychographics, technology, policy, and more, this book helps readers build a more profitable portfolio based on what they see everyday rather than following the herd on Wall Street. Industry experts expose the actionable, observable, and recognizable trends that surround us daily, and show readers how to recognize these trends for themselves and translate them into wiser investing decisions without getting sidetracked by media clutter and bad advice.

Given today's ever-increasing deluge of information, the average investor faces the challenge of sorting through the babble to decipher what it means, and learn how, where, and why they should be investing given the current economic environment and the uncertain future. This book provides an 'off' switch, helping readers apply an automatic mental filter to the incoming cacophony, to filter out only what they can use for smarter money moves.

  • Read the economy like a professional investor
  • Filter out useless and misleading data
  • Recognize 'go' signals, and identify the beneficiaries
  • Identify cyclical and structural changes that have reshaped business models

The economic climate has changed drastically, and traditional practices are no longer getting results. Modern investing requires a whole new approach, and Cocktail Investing is the clear, insightful guide for putting it into action.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright
  3. Dedication
  4. Preface
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Chapter 1: Money
    1. Savings and Debt
    2. State of Savings in the United States
    3. The Rules Have Changed
    4. Cocktail Investing Bottom Line
    5. Endnotes
  7. Chapter 2: Getting Started
    1. First Step: Saving
    2. Second Step: Investing
    3. Cocktail Investing Bottom Line
    4. Endnote
  8. Chapter 3: The Economy versus the Markets
    1. Economic Ideology
    2. Schools of Economic Thought
    3. Comparing Economic Theories
    4. The Economy versus the Market
    5. Cocktail Investing Bottom Line
  9. Chapter 4: Read the Economy Like a Pro
    1. Don't Trust the “Experts”
    2. Vector and Velocity
    3. Breaking It Down
    4. Going Global
    5. Data Corroboration
    6. Cocktail Investing Bottom Line
    7. Endnotes
  10. Chapter 5: The Impact of Politics and Regulation on Investing
    1. Monetary Policy
    2. Fiscal Policy
    3. Regulatory Policy
    4. Cocktail Investing Bottom Line
    5. Endnotes
  11. Chapter 6: Enabling and Disruptive Technologies
    1. The Evolution into Mobile
    2. Data Proliferation
    3. The App Revolution
    4. Rules of Thumb
    5. Cocktail Investing Bottom Line
    6. Endnotes
  12. Chapter 7: Profiting from Pain
    1. Newspapers
    2. Cybersecurity
    3. Water
    4. Changing Demographics
    5. Changing Consumer Preferences
    6. Cocktail Investing Bottom Line
    7. Endnotes
  13. Chapter 8: Cocktail Thematic Investing
    1. Let's Go Online Shopping
    2. Shifting Perspectives
    3. Multiple Cocktail Thematics
    4. Signposts
    5. Cocktail Investing Bottom Line
    6. Endnotes
  14. Chapter 9: Designing Your Portfolio
    1. Number of Securities
    2. Risk Tolerance
    3. Stocks
    4. Real Estate Investment Trusts
    5. Master Limited Partnership (MLP)
    6. Funds
    7. Cocktail Investing Bottom Line
    8. Endnotes
  15. Chapter 10: Choosing Your Investments
    1. 12 Questions You Need to Answer When Looking to Buy a Stock
    2. Case Study: Starbucks Corp
    3. Individual Stocks versus Funds
    4. Cocktail Investing Bottom Line
    5. Endnotes
  16. Chapter 11: Building the Portfolio
    1. Monitoring the Trend
    2. Monitoring the Company
    3. Monitoring the Stock Price
    4. Sell or Buy More?
    5. Cocktail Investing Bottom Line
    6. Cocktail Investing Final Thoughts
    7. Endnotes
  17. Appendix: Definitions, Metrics, and Resources
    1. Chapter 2
    2. Chapter 9
    3. Economic Indicators and Data Sources
  18. About the Authors
  19. Index
  20. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Cocktail Investing
  • Author(s): Christopher J. Versace, Lenore Elle Hawkins
  • Release date: April 2016
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119003946