Chapter 17: Creating Animations and 3D Graphics


In This Chapter

Creating direct property animations

Using animators

Creating custom animation objects

Creating a simple OpenGL animation in Cocoa

Animations are often associated with games, but Cocoa makes it easy to animate almost any element in a user interface. Objects can move smoothly, pulse with color or brightness, jiggle, or change their size with one click or mouse over. Aqua includes standard animated effects, such as slide-out panes and pulsing buttons. In part, these are automatic. When you create a file open/save pane, the animation is embedded in the class and runs without further code.

You can add further animations to improve the look and feel of your application, make it more professional, and add value by subtly highlighting important features.

It's also possible to create animated transitions when replacing one object with another. View swapping of this type is a key skill in iPhone app design, where swapped views replace the windows, panels, and panes of a desktop application.

mac_crossref.eps Cross-Ref

For a practical example ...

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