Appendix B: Maximizing Productivity and Avoiding Errors


In This Appendix

Managing projects successfully

Getting help

Solving impossible problems

Software development can be rewarding, but it can also be frustrating. Most developers have the experience of code that refuses to work for days or weeks as various possible solutions are tried and discarded.

Many solo projects are improvised rather than developed in a structured way. The reliability of formal project management in commercial software engineering is inconsistent, and no technique or process can guarantee that a project will be completed on time or on budget. But as a solo developer, you can use simple checklists and hold discussions with other developers to make your projects less stressful, more productive, and less time consuming.

Managing Projects Successfully

Three simple project management techniques can dramatically improve your productivity:

bl.eps Use source code management and version control. Even the simplest projects can benefit from the version control features built into Xcode and introduced in Chapter 3 of this ...

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