Metering dialogue for animation

A LongAudioSource object can be any kind of audio, not just music. In this recipe, we will use the metering technique to animate the mouth of the gregarious Senator Beauregard Claghorn.

Metering dialogue for animation

Getting ready

Please refer to the project RecipeCollection02 for full working code of this recipe.

How to do it...

Execute the following code:

#import "SimpleAudioEngine.h" @implementation Ch6_MeteringDialogue -(CCLayer*) runRecipe { /* CODE OMITTED */ //Add the sounds [self loadLongAudioSource:@"claghorn_a_joke_son.caf"]; [self loadLongAudioSource:@"claghorn_carolina.caf"]; /* CODE OMITTED */ //Add the background music [self loadBackgroundMusic:@"dixie_1916.mp3"]; ...

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