Appendix A. List of practices

This appendix contains a list of various methods and heuristics that are described throughout the book, including where to find them.

A.1 The 50/72 rule

Write conventional Git commit messages.

• Write a summary in the imperative, no wider than 50 characters.

• If you add more text, leave the next line blank.

• You can add as much extra text as you’d like, but format it no wider than 72 characters.

Apart from the summary, focus on explaining why a change was made, since what constitutes the change is already visible via Git’s diff view. See subsection 9.1.1.

A.2 The 80/24 rule

Write small blocks of code.

In C-based languages like C#, Java, C++, or JavaScript, consider staying within a 80x24 character box. That corresponds ...

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