Chapter 3

Becoming a Programmer


check Discovering the process programmers follow when coding

check Understanding the different roles people play to create a program

check Picking tools to start coding offline or online

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”


Programming is a skill that can be learned by anyone. You might be a student in college wondering how to start learning or a professional hoping to find a new job or improve your performance at your current job. In just about every case, the best way to grasp how to code is pretty straightforward:

  • Have a goal of what you would like to build.
  • Actually start coding.

In this chapter, you discover the process every programmer follows when programming, and the different roles programmers play to create a program (or, more commonly these days, to create an app). You also find out about the tools to use when coding either offline or online.

Writing Code Using a Process

Writing code is much like painting, furniture making, or cooking — it isn’t always obvious how the end product was created. However, all programs, even mysterious ones, are created using a process. Here are two of the most popular ...

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