Chapter 2

Installing a Python Distribution


check Determining which Python distribution to use for machine learning

check Performing a Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows installation

check Obtaining the data sets and example code

“For many people my software is something you install and forget. I like to keep it that way.”


Before you can do too much with Python or use it to solve machine learning problems, you need a workable installation. In addition, you need access to the data sets and code used for this book. Downloading the sample code (found at and installing it on your system is the best way to get a good learning experience from the book. This chapter helps you get your system set up so that you can easily follow the examples in the remainder of the book.

remember Using the downloadable source code doesn’t prevent you from typing the examples on your own, following them using a debugger, expanding them, or working with the code in all sorts of ways. The downloadable source code is there to help you get a good start with your machine learning ...

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