Chapter 4

Visualizing the Data


check Selecting the right graph for the job

check Working with advanced scatterplots

check Exploring time-related data

check Exploring geographical data

check Creating graphs

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”


Book 7, Chapter 3 helped you understand the mechanics of working with MatPlotLib, which is an important first step toward using it. This chapter takes the next step in helping you use MatPlotLib to perform useful work. The main goal of this chapter is to help you visualize your data in various ways. Creating a graphic presentation of your data is essential if you want to help other people understand what you’re trying to say. Even though you can see what the numbers mean in your mind, other people will likely need graphics to see what point you’re trying to make by manipulating data in various ways.

The chapter starts by looking at some basic graph types that MatPlotLib supports. You don’t find the full list of graphs ...

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