Chapter 85

Antidiabetic Effects of Trigonelline

Comparison with Nicotinic Acid

Orie Yoshinari1,  and Kiharu Igarashi2     1Ryusendo Co., Ltd., Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan     2Yamagata University, Turuoka, Yamagata, Japan


The worldwide increase of diabetes mellitus is a serious problem because it induces many complex diseases. Although many foods are effective in preventing diabetes, the antidiabetic effect of trigonelline, which is naturally abundant in coffee, has not been examined in detail. In this essay, the antidiabetic effects of trigonelline on nonobese and obese models of type 2 diabetes mellitus are introduced. Furthermore, the effect of nicotinic acid, which is similar in its structure to trigonelline and partly produced from trigonelline, ...

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