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Collective Genius: Building a Game-Changing Global Talent Strategy

Video Description

What are the essential elements of a game-changing global organization? The ability to manage a global workforce is a crucial part of business strategy for companies today. As companies grow and enter new markets, an organization's success depends on a focused human capital strategy, to foster the most valuable asset – their people. Research by Harvard Business School professor Linda Hill and colleagues among leading companies in the U.S. and Asia found that game-changing companies are driven by purpose, oriented toward performance, and guided by principles. And high-performing companies are supported by a cohesive view of their human capital and a common talent strategy. In these companies, HR leaders are partners who work with the business and help the C-suite understand what is necessary to succeed across markets. They focus on how they can make their companies truly innovative across the globe. In this interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, Professor Hill shares insights on building a superior talent strategy--including how to create such a strategy and the benefits of doing so. Hill also describes the managerial commitments needed, the role of both strategy and execution, and the keys to sustaining a game-changing talent strategy. She draws on global successes and years of research.