Cumulative Review Exercises Chapters P–7

  1. Let f (x)=x23x+2. Find f (x+h)f (x)h.

  2. Sketch the graph of f (x)=x+12.

  3. Let f (x)=2x3. Find the inverse function f1. Verify that f ( f1(x))=x.

  4. Sketch the graph of f (x)=(12)x+2.

  5. Solve the equation  log 5(x1)+ log 5(x2)=3 log 563.

  6. Express

     log axyz3

    in terms of logarithms of x, y, and z.

  7. Solve the inequality xx21.

  8. The current I in an electric circuit is given by


    Use natural logarithms to solve for t.

In Problems 9–12, solve each system of equations.

  1. { 1.4x0.5y=1.30.4x+1.1y=4.1

  2. { 2x+y4z=3x2y+3z=43x+4yz=2

  3. { y=2log xylog(x+3)=1

  4. { y=x213x2+8y2=8

  5. Find the determinant of the matrix [ 147258369 ].

  6. Use Cramer’s Rule to solve the system of equations.

    { 2x3y=45x+7y=1
  7. Find ...

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