Section P.1 The Real Numbers and Their Properties

Before Starting This Section, Review From Your Previous Mathematics Texts

  1. 1 Arithmetic of signed numbers

  2. 2 Arithmetic of fractions

  3. 3 Long division involving integers

  4. 4 Decimals

  5. 5 Arithmetic of real numbers


  1. 1 Classify sets of real numbers.

  2. 2 Use exponents.

  3. 3 Use the ordering of the real numbers.

  4. 4 Specify sets of numbers in roster or set-builder notation.

  5. 5 Use interval notation.

  6. 6 Relate absolute value and distance on the real number line.

  7. 7 Use the order of operations in arithmetic expressions.

  8. 8 Identify and use properties of real numbers.

  9. 9 Evaluate algebraic expressions.

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