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College Apps: Selecting, Applying to, and Paying for the Right College for You

Book Description

Today's high school students are in new territory when it comes to making college and career decisions. College costs, the current economy, and the wide variety of educational options available mean that students and their parents are, more than ever, in need of careful, clear guidance and advice. A roadmap for millennials and their parents, COLLEGE APPS: SELECTING, APPLYING TO, AND PAYING FOR THE RIGHT COLLEGE FOR YOU leads readers through the transition from high school to college. Based on Trish Portnoy's popular course, College Freshman Seminar, the book is a comprehensive guide covering personality and career analysis, college research and selection, college applications with supplemental materials, decision making, campus safety, and more. Trish's inspirational approach, developed over years of teaching teens, speaks to students in a straightforward, engaging voice and helps parents toward their ultimate goal: seeing their children living happy and successful lives. Fast-paced, step-by-step, and task oriented, COLLEGE APPS encourages a cooperative approach, creating a space for students and parents to develop and implement a shared strategy and, ultimately, achieve success.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Part I A Plan of Action
    1. Chapter 1 A Journey Begins
      1. College Application Process
      2. Questionnaires: Student and Parent
      3. What Does It Say?
    2. Chapter 2 How Does College Work?
      1. College Semesters and Schedules
      2. Associate’s Degree
      3. Community Colleges
      4. Majors and Minors
      5. Bachelor’s Degree
      6. A Little of Both
      7. Study Abroad
      8. Cooperative Experience
      9. Graduate School
      10. Go Forward with a Plan
  9. Part II GPS Your Trip
    1. Chapter 3 Let’s Get Ready
      1. Assessments
      2. The Process
      3. Stay Organized
    2. Chapter 4 Your Guidance Counselor and Department
      1. Naviance
      2. Other Resources
    3. Chapter 5 Majors and Reputations
      1. Visualization Exercise: Career Research
      2. Book of Majors
      3. Putting It All Together
      4. Reputations Matter
      5. Rankings
      6. Declaring Your Major
      7. List of Schools
  10. Part III Components of the College Application
    1. Chapter 6 The Big Three: Academic Index
      1. Course Selection and Vigor
      2. Grade-Point Average and Rank
      3. College Admissions Tests
      4. SAT Subject Tests
    2. Chapter 7 And Three More
      1. Extracurricular Activity Sheet/Resume
      2. Letters of Recommendation
      3. College Essays
      4. Other Items to Include
  11. Part IV Schools and Applications
    1. Chapter 8 Do You Have What It Takes?
      1. College Websites
      2. How Many Schools?
      3. Getting Feedback
      4. Attitude Is Everything
      5. Final List
    2. Chapter 9 Online Applications
      1. Access and Email
      2. Public Education Systems
      3. The Application
      4. Additional Materials
      5. Admissions Office
      6. The Common App
      7. Individual Schools
      8. Immediate Decision Days
      9. U.S. Military Academies
      10. Early Decision versus Early Action—Big Difference
      11. Regular Decision versus Rolling Decision
      12. Application-Tracking
  12. Part V Costs and Cash
    1. Chapter 10 Tuition and More
      1. Total Cost of Attendance
      2. Net Price Calculator
      3. Your Cash
      4. Budgeting
    2. Chapter 11 Financial Aid
      1. Grants and Scholarships
      2. Loans and Work-Study Programs
      3. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
      4. Pep Talk
  13. Part VI Theirs and Yours
    1. Chapter 12 Their Decisions
      1. Campus Safety
      2. Retention and Graduation Rates
      3. Campus Visit
    2. Chapter 13 Your Decision
      1. Financial-Aid Award Letters
      2. Rank Them
      3. Final Date of Decision: Universal May 1st Deadline
  14. Part VII Success on Campus
    1. Chapter 14 Topics to Anticipate
      1. Orientation
      2. Time Management
      3. Roommates and Living Arrangements
      4. What to Bring to College
      5. Greek Life
    2. Chapter 15 Topics to Contemplate
      1. Senioritis
      2. Learning Styles
      3. Binge Drinking
      4. Date Rape
      5. Drug Use
      6. Hazing
      7. Health and Wellness
      8. Academic Integrity
  15. Part VIII How It Plays Out
    1. Chapter 16 This Is Awesome!
      1. For Students
      2. For Parents
    2. Chapter 17 I Hate It Here
      1. For Students
      2. For Parents
  16. Appendix A Glossary of Key Terms
  17. Appendix B More Feedback and Tips
  18. Appendix C Timeline
  19. Index