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College Student Psychological Adjustment

Book Description

College Student Psychological Adjustment provides the reader an in-depth understanding of students’ relationship experiences in college and how those experiences shape their adjustment to college. Each chapter examines research on one key relationship in a student’s life to better understand how those relationships are re-worked during the college years and what factors help determine adaptive relational outcomes. Along the way, a number of controversial topics are considered from a scholarly perspective, including the effects of helicopter parenting on students’ development in college, the prevalence and problematic nature of the hook-up culture on college campuses today, and policies related to whether students should be randomly assigned to live with their first-year roommates or be allowed to choose their roommates, based on a matching system. Aimed at advanced students and scholars in the fields of psychology, human development, and higher education, readers of this book will gain a fresh perspective on the relationship development of college students and possible avenues for intervention to help students enhance their relationships skills and prevent development of mental health difficulties.