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Color: A Photographer’s Guide to Directing the Eye, Creating Visual Depth, and Conveying Emotion

Book Description

Color is powerful. It impacts our senses, pushes our emotions, and plays an essential role in creating an effective photograph. In this beautifully illustrated guide, author, educator, and pro photographer Jerod Foster helps you understand how color works—attracting attention, directing the eye, and working with other elements to make your own compelling photographs.

This book approaches color from a photographer’s perspective with a mix of practical theory, technical information, and solid advice on how to apply these details in all genres of photography—landscapes, portraits, lifestyle, sports, or wildlife.

You will learn about:

  • Color in the frame, including guiding the eye and composing with color

  • Manipulating color with white balance, artificial lighting, and exposure

  • Creating visual depth with complementary colors, dominant/recessive colors, and contrast

  • The meaning of color and how red, blue, green or purple can push emotions

  • Conditions for shooting color and the best times of day

  • Best practices for handling color in post processing

  • Color is a core element of our visual language and photographers who understand and exploit color will harness its power and create lasting images.