I am deeply grateful for the support, advice, and love of my family and friends, especially my wife Katie, who supports me in all my endeavors, both brilliant and not so. To my father, Doug, who taught me to never quit and my mother, Jean, who loved me no matter what. To Lizanne and Kristie for being the best big sisters a guy could ask for. Thanks to you two, I never had to face anything by myself growing up unless I chose to go it alone.

I would also like to add my sincere gratitude to the following:

John Mack, without whom this book would not have been published. Thank you for your years of support for our firm’s military reservists. The men and women of the Wildhorse Squadron will never forget that you, and James Gorman flew all the way to Indianapolis to see us off on our deployment and never sought a word of recognition. Thank you both for making our firm a great place to work.

Eric Lupfer of William Morris Endeavor, I knew that the son of a retired armor officer would get results, and you did. Your advice and counsel have been a tremendous resource, and I cannot thank you enough.

My wealth advisory team, José Negrete, Deborah Marcom, Joel McConnell, and Ryan Gilbrech, as well as David Lawrence, David Fritz, Curt Petersen, Nick Gormley, and Melissa Gutknecht. Thank you all for your support. I could not have done this without your efforts.

David Darst and Congressman Mark Amodei for your advanced praise for Combat Finance. Thank you for your trust and confidence. ...

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