Chapter 9

Why We Fight

There aren’t many people in this world who are willing to fight in harm’s way without a motivating factor that drives them to succeed. What makes people join the military when they understand the risk of being deployed? What makes a firefighter run straight into a building while others are running out? It’s not that these folks want to be deployed to a dangerous foreign country or voluntarily go into a dangerous blaze. Those who join the military believe in fighting for the freedoms that they and their families enjoy. Firefighters know that they must protect their community. They do it because they believe in something bigger than themselves.

After navigating the Combat Finance journey, you should also have a concept of why you are fighting for your financial future. I’m pretty sure that ultimately, you’re not doing this just for a bigger bank account than the guy next door. You’re doing this for at least one motivating, emotional, personal reason. You’re doing this because it gives you and your family the financial freedom to accomplish their dreams and goals and aspirations. These dreams may not be monetary, but having your financial future secured allows the nonmonetary goals in your life to become reality. A solid financial future means less stress, feeling balanced, better health, and stronger relationships with family.

Make a Difference

After returning from my deployment to Afghanistan, I thought about all the things that happened in theatre that made ...

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