Chapter 1: Basic Training

The Fundamentals of Basic Training

Three Phases of Basic Training

Basic Training Is Not for Quitters

After Action Review

Chapter 2: The Purpose and Importance of Reserves

Military and Financial Reserves

Operational Reserve

Strategic Reserve

Managing Your Reserves

Simultaneous Operations

Tactical Reserves

A Final Note about Reserves

After Action Review

Chapter 3: Choose Your FOB Wisely

FOBs, COPs, and Airfields

The Benefits of Home Ownership

Defending the FOB

“A” Way

Some Lessons from COP Keating

Captain Soapes: FOB Mayor

Have a Battle Plan

After Action Review

Chapter 4: Me and the Sergeant Major, We Love Training

The Power of Compound Returns

The Blackhorse Regiment Knows Training

Make Investment Automatic


Never Go to Battle without a Plan

Compound Returns, Part Deux

After Action Review

Chapter 5: Protect the Home Front


Insurance—What Is It?

Buying Life Insurance: Know Your Mission

“A” Way

CPT Adair: The Fighting Adjutant

Do Your Heirs Know Your Last Wishes?

After Action Review

Chapter 6: The Value of Advice

Seek Wisdom, Avoid Overconfidence

Selecting Your Cabinet

Great Leaders Delegate

After Action Review

Chapter 7: Turning Your Strategic Objectives into Mission Statements

The Fundamentals of Planning

“A” Way

After Action Review

Chapter 8: Build Your Armed Forces, Not a Gun Collection

Asset Allocation Fundamentals



Air Force


Build Your Armed Forces with a Mission in Mind ...

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