14Use Cases in Real World – 2019 Highlights

The final section of Commercializing Blockchain will take you through a few live use cases which have been happening in late 2018 and early 2019. These will, of course, be out of date by the time you read this, but these are real use cases happening or that have happened. This is important to review, as this will show you where to look for the start of your journey on the Blockchain revolution.

I am not endorsing any of the use cases and I do not know any of them personally – this is just from my extensive research over the last few years.

Use Case Antony Welfare Definition
Financial Transactions Trusted and secured transactions using Blockchain technology to allow fast and secure transfer without intermediaries
Cryptocurrencies Digital payment networks used to transfer payments in cryptocurrency
Tokenization Digitalizing any asset as a token on a secure and trusted Blockchain ledger
Identity Management Safe and secure identity using cryptography on the Blockchain to only share relevant data with relevant parties, whilst keeping the entire identity secure
Loyalty Using Blockchain technology to reward, share, and redeem loyalty tokens in any entity and across entities
Gift Cards Management of gift card data securely, and trusted on the Blockchain ledger ensuring accurate gift cards and real-time issuing and redemption
Warranty Management Using Blockchain technology to record, distribute, and share warranty data ...

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