Chapter 4

Teaming Up with Teachers

In This Chapter

arrow Creating and sustaining effective communication with your child's teachers

arrow Keeping track of your child's progress

arrow Helping your child master concepts at home

arrow Lending a helping hand at school

Developing a positive relationship with your child's teachers and administrators is one of the most important things you can do to support your child's education. Being proactive in your efforts — not waiting for the perfect time to get involved — helps get this relationship off to a good start.

In this chapter, I give you some suggestions about how to develop and sustain a positive and helpful relationship with your child's teachers and administrators. Whether you want to improve your ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with your child's teacher, get better at helping with your child's homework, or get involved at the school, I share some things you can do to get started right away. Although it takes some effort on your part to maintain momentum after you begin, ongoing and effective parent-teacher relationships benefit everyone ...

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