Chapter 3

Valuing Different Communication Styles

In This Chapter

arrow Deciphering communication differences

arrow Adapting your own style as necessary

Although you may find people who’re different from you frustrating, annoying or simply confusing, being able to accept, appreciate and work with diverse communication styles enhances your relationships and produces positive results in your personal and professional life. Instead of focusing on the difficulties of communicating with people whose style is different from yours, consider the strength that can come with diversity. If you’re able to keep an open mind to the various styles you encounter in your daily life, you can see opposite points of view and connect with others in a positive and productive way.

In this chapter I discuss some different communication preferences you may encounter and show you how to adapt your style to communicate with comfort and confidence.

Developing Your Awareness of Different Communication Styles

No doubt you’ve noticed that some people seem easy to communicate with while others present you with challenges. The reason is because everyone has a preferred way of communicating. If you can recognise and respect the way people prefer to communicate without judging their approach, you’re well on your way ...

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