Chapter 15

Ten Top Tips for Speaking Face to Face

In This Chapter

arrow Focusing on the other person

arrow Having a clear message

arrow Paying attention to your non-verbal behaviour

If you want quick, easy and practical tips for getting your message across while you’re speaking to someone, you’ve come to the right chapter! Whether you’re talking to your lover, your mother or your employer, follow these simple guidelines and you’re sure to communicate in a way that makes your listener hungry to hear what you have to say.

Minding Your Attitude

The most successful communicators understand the power of focused expectation. When you know how you want your listener to respond, you’re able to guide the conversation in that direction. Of course, when other people are involved you can’t be assured of getting what you want, but if you fail to believe that you even stand a chance, you definitely won’t.

remember.eps Your expectations often determine the result and so the first step is to believe you’re going to get what you want.

Let go of judgements, blame and any other unconstructive thoughts. When you relegate ...

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