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Compass - powerful SASS library that makes your life easier

Video Description

Improve your SASS skills by learning the benefits of the Compass framework, which has many time-saving useful utilities

About This Video

  • a small and simple course
  • learn and install sprites
  • use Compass inside a great IDE

In Detail

Compass is a framework (library) for SASS which means that inside of it you can find lots of useful utilities -which I will be showing you inside this course. These utilities can save your time with developing your websites. By using Compass, you can use various functions/mixins created by other programmers, which you would normally need to write on your own. As always time = money. Save your time by learning Compass. Make your website load faster using Sprites within Compass. With Compass you can create Sprites instantly. If you do not know what Sprites are, watch my free lesson about Sprites and you will see that this course is worth taking.