Chapter 17

Perfecting and Promoting CI

In This Chapter

arrow Pitching CI as a service

arrow Building strong relationships internally

arrow Raising CI’s profile through effective communication

arrow Spotlighting CI’s contributions

arrow Improving CI to earn respect

CI often flies so far below the radar that only a few people in the organization are aware of its existence or what it does. Even worse, some may consider CI unnecessary or even an expensive indulgence that consumes resources and drags down the company’s bottom line.

Regardless of whether such a perception is accurate, it can hinder CI’s effectiveness in collecting data as well as implementing strategic initiatives. Personnel won’t contribute to the information pool or draw intel from it to drive innovation. And some may even try to sabotage recommended changes.

To improve CI operations and effectiveness, you need to prove and then publicize CI’s value and its achievements on an ongoing basis. In this chapter, I explain how to accomplish these goals. ...

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