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Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis

Video Description

The Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis teaches you how to apply different methods of data analysis to turn your data into new insight and intelligence. The ability to ask questions of your data is a powerful competitive advantage, resulting in new income streams, better decision making and improved productivity. A recent McKinsey Consulting report has identified that data analysis is one of the most important skills required in the American economy at the current time. This course focuses on the following different methods of analysis. During the course you will understand why the form of analysis is important and also provide examples of using the analysis using Excel 2013. The following methods of analysis are included: Comparison Analysis Trend Analysis Ranking Analysis Interactive Dashboards Contribution Analysis Variance Analysis Pareto Analysis Frequency Analysis Correlations The Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis is designed for all business professionals who want to take their ability to turn data into information to the next level. If you are an Excel user then you will want to learn the easy to use techniques that are taught in this course. This course is presented using Excel 2013. Excel 2010 can be used for the majority of the training exercises. Small parts of the course do use Excel Power Pivot and Power View. Please note that this course does not include any complicated formulas, VBA or macros. The course utilizes drag and drop techniques to create the majority of the different data analysis techniques.

Table of Contents

  1. Promo 00:02:27
  2. Introduction
    1. Importance of Data Analysis 00:02:58
  3. Preparing Data for Analysis
    1. Preparing Data for Analysis 00:05:31
    2. Dealing with Common Data Problems 00:11:12
  4. Data Analysis - Key Metrics
    1. Introduction to Key Metrics 00:02:47
    2. Creating Key Metrics 00:12:50
    3. Key Metrics with Filters 00:07:34
    4. Practical Activity Key Metrics 00:08:22
  5. Comparison Analysis
    1. Introduction to Comparison Analysis 00:02:43
    2. Comparison Analysis Part 1 00:12:29
    3. Comparison Analysis Part2 00:12:42
    4. Practical Activity Comparison 00:08:34
  6. Trend Analysis
    1. Introduction to Trend Analysis 00:03:50
    2. Trend Analysis Part 1 00:08:16
    3. Trend Analysis Part 2 00:09:56
    4. Trend Analysis Practical Activity 00:04:56
  7. Ranking Analysis
    1. Introduction to Ranking Analysis 00:02:06
    2. Ranking Analysis Part 1 00:09:25
    3. Ranking Analysis Part 2 00:07:24
    4. Practical Activity Ranking Analysis 00:05:11
  8. Interactive Dashboard Creation
    1. Introduction to Interactive Dashboards 00:00:54
    2. Interactive Dashboards 1 00:10:32
    3. Interactive Dashboards 2 00:06:30
  9. Variance Analysis
    1. Intro to Variance Analysis 00:02:00
    2. Variance Analysis Part 1 00:10:06
    3. Variance Analysis Part 2 00:06:31
    4. Practical Activity Variance Analysis 00:06:09
  10. Contribution Analysis
    1. Intro to Contribution Analysis 00:03:45
    2. Contribution Analysis Part 1 00:07:51
    3. Contribution Analysis Part 2 00:06:45
    4. Contribution Analysis Practical Activity 00:04:38
  11. Frequency Analysis
    1. Intro to Frequency Analysis 00:02:45
    2. Frequency Analysis Part 1 00:05:57
    3. Frequency Analysis Part 2 00:07:18
    4. Practical Activity Frequency Analysis 00:03:58
  12. Correlation Analysis
    1. Intro to Correlation Analysis 00:02:51
    2. Correlation Analysis 00:08:37
    3. Practical Activty Correlation 00:11:39
  13. Pareto Analysis
    1. Intro to Pareto Analysis 00:01:59
    2. Pareto Analysis 00:04:41