Get the Terms

Start by importing all necessary modules and defining the domain (LJ community) of interest. We suggest using Pandas and NumPy, the power tools of data science, and NLTK—the Natural Language Toolkit—in this project, as well as some other libraries, so you need to import them. (If you last used them a while ago, you might want to blow the dust off your skill set [Zin16].)

 import​ ​urllib.request​, ​os.path​, ​pickle​ ​# Download and cache
 import​ ​nltk​ ​# Convert text to terms
 import​ ​networkx​ ​as​ ​nx​, ​community​ ​# Build and analyze the network
 import​ ​pandas​ ​as​ ​pd​, ​numpy​ ​as​ ​np​ ​# Data science power tools

Your next step is to get and cache term lists. A term is a unit of CDA. It can be a word, ...

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