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Compliance: EXCERPT from Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out

Book Description

This content is a direct excerpt of Chapter 11 from the book Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox & High Availability. This concise ebook is offered independently of the larger book for those seeking specific, focused information on compliance management and support in Exchange Server 2013.

  • Directly excerpts Chapter 11 from the book Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox & High Availability

  • Offered as concise, standalone content for Exchange professionals looking for narrowly focused reference or specific problem-solving information on compliance issues and features

  • Written by award-winning author Tony Redmond, MVP for Exchange Server

  • Table of Contents

    1. Compliance: EXCERPT from Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out
    2. Introduction
      1. Errata & book support
      2. We want to hear from you
      3. Stay in touch
    3. 1. Compliance Management
      1. The joy of legal discovery
      2. Archive mailboxes
        1. Enabling archives
          1. Managing archive properties
          2. Checking space usage
          3. Updating properties of an archive mailbox
        2. The default archive and retention policy
        3. Using an archive mailbox
        4. Disabling an archive mailbox
      3. Messaging records management
        1. Types of retention tags
        2. System tags
        3. Designing a retention policy
        4. Managed Folder Assistant and retention policies
        5. Naming retention tags
        6. Creating retention tags
        7. Creating a retention policy
        8. Applying a retention policy to mailboxes
        9. Modifying a retention policy
        10. Customizing retention policies for specific mailboxes
        11. User interaction with retention policies
        12. Setting a retention policy on a folder
        13. Removing tags from policies
        14. Removing a retention policy
        15. Upgrading from managed folders
      4. How the Managed Folder Assistant implements retention policies
        1. Behind the scenes with the MFA
        2. Retention date calculation
      5. Preserving information
        1. Putting a mailbox on retention hold
        2. Putting a mailbox on litigation hold
        3. Searching mailbox content
          1. Search and destroy
        4. In-place holds
        5. Creating a new search
          1. Refining a search
        6. Retrieving discovered content
        7. Examining search results
          1. Controlling access to discovery mailboxes
          2. Exporting discovered content
        8. Resource throttling for searches
        9. How in-place holds work
        10. Using groups with searches
        11. Removing a search
        12. Executing searches with EMS
        13. What Exchange can search
        14. Search syntaxes
      6. The value of the Recoverable Items structure
        1. The function of the Recoverable Items structure
        2. Improvements in Exchange 2013
        3. Single-item recovery
        4. Knowing what’s in Recoverable Items
        5. Managing quotas for Recoverable Items
      7. Auditing administrator actions
        1. The audit mailbox
        2. How administrator auditing happens
      8. Auditing mailbox access
        1. Enabling mailboxes for auditing
        2. Accessing mailbox audit data
      9. Other compliance features
    4. About the Author
    5. Copyright