Lignosulfonate muds, 545
Lignosulfonates, 659
Lime content, analysis of, 85
Lime muds, 9, 657
for mud-making shales, 26
and shale stabilization, 27, 352
Lime-lignosulfonate muds, and control of borehole hydration, 352
Linear gels, 527
Liquid volume fraction, 683
Litholostatic pressure gradient, 14
Lithostatic pressure, See Geostatic pressure
Logging, drilling fluid selection for, 29
Loss of circulation, 401–421
caused by hydrostatic pressure of mud column exceeding fracture pressure, and regaining circulation, 419–420
curing, materials for, See Lost circulation material (LCM)
diagnosis of, 416–417
induced by marginal pressures, and regaining circulation, 418–419
in induced fractures, 402–411
in natural open fractures, 411
and regaining circulation, ...

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