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Compressors: The Essentials

Video Description

Compression is a process that manipulates the dynamic range of an audio signal to achieve more uniform and consistent sound. It basically alters perceived volume. Compressors are used during recordings, live performances and broadcasting. It makes vocals performances stand out from the surrounding instrumentation, makes drums and percussion appear to have a more sustain and give guitars a fuller sound. In this title, audio engineer Jeff Dykhouse addresses the advantages and disadvantages of both hardware and software compressors. Since the type and amount of compression appropriate is dependent on the type of audio signal being processed, Jeff outlines how the various compressor controls affect the audio signal. You will see and hear the how different compressors affect various instruments.


  • Digirack Compressor II

  • Bomb Factory 1176

  • Drawmer GCL

  • Waves SSL E Channel

  • Waves Master Bus Compressor

  • Waves Linear Multiband

  • Waves renaissance Compressor

  • Bomb Factory LA-2A

  • McDSP MC2000 Multiband

  • Digirack Compressor III

  • Digidesign Smack!

  • Hardware:

  • Teletronix LA-3A

  • Smart Research C2

  • dbx 160x

  • Aphex Compellor

  • Behringer Tube Composer T1952