Chapter 4

Telling Your BIOS from Your CMOS


Bullet Identifying the purpose of BIOS

Bullet Upgrading a system BIOS

Bullet Identifying the purpose of CMOS

Bullet Identifying common settings contained in CMOS

A big part of system configuration is understanding what CMOS is and how the different settings within CMOS can help you troubleshoot a system. A wonderful talent to have as an A+ Certified Professional is the ability to understand CMOS and its functionality. Although CMOS doesn’t seem like a place where you’d need to go every day, many PC-related problems can be solved in CMOS.

In this chapter, you learn some of the common CMOS options that are found in modern systems. Keep in mind that these options might be labeled differently on your system or might not even exist on your system, as the CMOS setup program is unique to each system. For example, the CMOS setup program on a Lenovo system differs from that of a Dell even though the concept of CMOS remains the same.

I start the chapter with a discussion of the system BIOS and then compare it against CMOS; the two are closely related and are ...

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