Chapter 1

Identifying Basic Cables and Connectors


Bullet Reviewing basic cable types, features, and their purposes

Bullet Identifying common connector types

In this chapter, you examine the ports on the back of the computer as well as the cables and connectors used to attach devices. Other chapters of this book examine the different devices, but this chapter looks at getting them all connected. The other devices and chapters include

A CompTIA A+ Certified Professional must be able to identify various types of cables and connectors. This chapter introduces you to the most common cables and connectors that you will encounter when using computer systems.

Start by looking at the different types of ports on the back of your computer. Ports are connection points on your computer that allow for devices to be connected to your computer. The connection point has a connector that accepts a cable with a matching connector. Knowing what the ports are used for is important when connecting devices to your computer. You might already be familiar with some of the common ports, such as video and USB (Universal Serial Bus).

In the sections that follow, you examine several ...

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