Chapter 5

Working with Multimedia Devices


Bullet Understanding scanners

Bullet Understanding digital cameras

Bullet Working with other multimedia devices

It is amazing to see an old uncle at a birthday party who just a few years back had not even touched a computer but now snaps photos with his digital camera and drones on about how simple it is to upload the pictures to his computer and then burn them to a DVD! When I try to think of examples of how computers have entered our daily lives, this is the most promising example I can think of.

In this chapter, you find out about popular multimedia devices used in everyday life. In the following pages, I discuss a number of multimedia devices, starting with digital cameras and scanners — the two most popular types of computer-related multimedia devices. I also introduce a few key points about microphones and MIDI technology, which are very important to the many people who will record music through their computers and are objectives covered by the A+ certification exams.

Understanding Scanners

In this section, you find out about different types of scanners. I also show you how to scan a photo in Windows 10 and how to save the photo as a ...

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