Chapter 5

Command Prompt Procedures


Bullet Identifying the fundamentals of using command line utilities to manage Windows

Bullet Using command line tools to manage directories and files

In this chapter, you take a look at several command prompt utilities and a few graphical utilities. Even in the age of Windows, statements that can be issued from a command prompt are still required knowledge for support professionals. This knowledge will help you automate processes — such as batch files — and solve problems when the graphical operating system is not functioning. After reading this chapter, you should have a good understanding of many of the basic commands that are available from the command prompt.

As an added benefit, you find out how to build a basic batch file with some controls in it. This information can be found in Book 6, Chapter 5, and it will surely come in handy on the job.

As an A+ Certified Professional, you will want to use the full range of tools available to you. This chapter introduces you to many of the command line tools that allow you to quickly diagnose and repair problems with operating systems.

Remember The A+ exam objectives call for testing on command line tools, ...

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