Chapter 6

Working with System Files and the Boot Process


Bullet Identifying the names and purposes of each file required to boot up a Windows 7 or newer computer

Bullet Identifying the locations of Windows 7 or newer boot files

Starting a computer has long been referred to as booting. Before you can use your computer, you need to be able to boot it to a point where the operating system (OS) is functional. Otherwise, your computer is like a safe without a known combination. This chapter will help you get that “safe” open by examining the boot process, which encompasses a series of steps, from powering-on to loading the OS shell. This chapter reviews the hardware POST (power-on self-test) process and will concentrate on the OS portion of the overall process. This chapter also introduces you to the standard Windows boot process and the files that are required, and also how to correct or deal with boot problems related to the boot files. A solid understanding of the Windows boot files will prepare you for the A+ exams, and a general knowledge of the other files will prepare you for working with these systems in the field.

If, as an A+ Certified Professional, you are faced with troubleshooting the boot process on a computer for a user, it is required that you understand the boot ...

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