11.6. Review Questions

  1. Which component of physical security addresses outer-level access control?

    1. Perimeter security

    2. Mantraps

    3. Security zones

    4. Strong passwords

  2. Which technology uses a physical characteristic to establish identity?

    1. Biometrics

    2. Surveillance

    3. Smart card

    4. CHAP authenticator

  3. As part of your training program, you're trying to educate users on the importance of security. You explain to them that not every attack depends on implementing advanced technological methods. Some attacks, you explain, take advantage of human shortcoming to gain access that should otherwise be denied. What term do you use to describe attacks of this type?

    1. Social engineering

    2. IDS system

    3. Perimeter security

    4. Biometrics

  4. You've recently been hired by ACME to do a security audit. The ...

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