Appendix Answers to Review Questions

Chapter 1: Mobile Devices

  1. D. The maximum transmission speeds are as follows:

    280 Mbps effective (USB 2 mode)

    1.6 Gbps effective (PCIe 1 mode)

    3.2 Gbps effective (PCIe 2 or USB 3 mode)

  2. C. Thunderbolt ports are most likely to be found on Apple laptops, although they are now showing up on others as well. USB ports are typically found on all mobile devices, while Serial and PS/2 connecters are rarely found on mobile devices.
  3. B. Some models of notebook PCs require a special T-8 Torx screwdriver. Most PC toolkits come with a T-8 bit for a screwdriver with interchangeable bits, but you may find that the T-8 screws are countersunk in deep holes so that you can’t fit the screwdriver into them. In such cases, ...

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