Chapter 10 Practice Exam 1 (220-1001)

  1. You are investigating computer specifications for a new desktop workstation. If the specifications include 256 KB of L2 cache, approximately how much L1 cache would it be reasonable to expect the computer to have?

    1. 64 KB
    2. 256 KB
    3. 512 KB
    4. 12 MB
  2. You have installed a printer on your Windows 10 computer using TCP printing and configured it to use the RAW protocol. Which port number will you need to open in Windows Firewall for this to work successfully?

    1. 9100
    2. 721
    3. 515
    4. 443
  3. A user reports that his iPhone will not make any sounds. He has turned the phone off and back on, and the problem is still there. You check his settings, and the phone is not on silent mode and the volume is set to maximum. What ...

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