Chapter 11Practice Exam 2 (220-902)

  1. 1. You are onsite fixing a client’s laptop that will not load Windows 7. You are waiting to hear about your friend’s awesome party that they are hosting this weekend, and your phone starts to vibrate. And it keeps vibrating. You’re sure that all of your friends are texting information about the party. What should you do? (Choose two.)

    1. Turn your phone off, and apologize to the client. Tell them that the phone was distracting you from your job, but it won’t be a problem now.
    2. Ignore your phone.
    3. Text your friends back and tell them that you are working.
    4. Call your friend and tell him to wait until after this job before planning all of the details because you want to help.
  2. 2. A user is running an application ...

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