Chapter 4. Comparing Storage Devices

In this chapter, you’ll learn about the different types of storage devices, including hard drives, solid state drives, optical drives, and fault tolerant arrays. Many different types of interfaces are currently used to connect drives, and it’s important to know what is available and how to connect them. This chapter covers the hardware elements of hard drives, and in Chapter 16, you’ll build on this knowledge to configure and troubleshoot disks.

Exam 220-801 objectives in this chapter:

  • 1.5 Install and configure storage devices and use appropriate media.

    • Optical drives

      • CD-ROM

      • DVD-ROM

      • Blu-Ray

    • Combo drives and burners

      • CD-RW

      • DVD-RW

      • Dual Layer DVD-RW

      • BD-R

      • BD-RE

    • Connection types

      • External

        • USB

        • Firewire

        • eSATA

        • Ethernet

      • Internal SATA, IDE ...

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