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CompTIA Cloud Plus Exam Bootcamp Course (CV0-002)

Video Description

This course is taught by a current CompTIA SME and CompTIA Cloud Plus Train the Trainer. This course is meant to get just enough to pass the course and is meant for professionals that have IT experience. Published LinkedIn author on Cloud Plus.. Get Certified promptly and efficiently. The CompTIA Cloud+ certification is an internationally recognized validation of the knowledge required of IT practitioners working in cloud computing environments.The CompTIA Cloud+ exam will certify the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to understand standard cloud methodologies; to implement, maintain, and deliver cloud technologies (e.g., network, storage, and virtualization technologies); and to understand aspects of IT security and use industry best practices related to cloud implementations. Cloud computing does not happen in vacuum as an end unto itself,” explained James Stanger, CompTIA’s chief technology evangelist. “Cloud-based infrastructure services are increasingly important pieces of an organization’s total IT system. Hybrid and multi-cloud environments have become the norm. IT professionals must weave these pieces together into secure solutions that run mission-critical systems and meet specific business needs.” To replicate this environment, CompTIA is the only certifying body that incorporates performance-based questions and hands-on simulations in its cloud certification exam. IT professionals must demonstrate their knowledge and skills in five areas: configurations and deployment, security, maintenance, management, and troubleshooting. In the security realm, for example, individuals are tested on their ability to apply access control methods, as well as implement key automation and orchestration practices. They must also demonstrate the ability to anticipate and identify cyber threats to cloud technologies. Organizations worldwide rely on CompTIA Cloud+ to certify their workers. Many have contributed their expertise to the development of the new exam. IT professionals who are CompTIA Cloud+ certified work in a range of industries, including aerospace, cybersecurity, engineering, enterprise computing, mobile technologies, systems integration, and telecommunications. They hold jobs such as system administrators, systems engineers, network administrators, network engineers, cloud developers, cloud specialists, and cloud engineers. The CompTIA Cloud+ exam is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), signifying its compliance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17024 Standard. The certification is also approved by the U.S. Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line for IT-Information Systems Technicians, CTN-Cryptologic Technician Networks and Information Professional Officers. Individuals interested in CompTIA Cloud+ should have two to three years of work experience in networking, storage or IT data center administration. It’s also recommended that they be CompTIA Network + and/or CompTIA Server+ certified. Who would be the target audience? The audience should be willing to study and review materials to pass the CompTIA Cloud Plus exam Roles would IT Admins, DB Admins, Network Admins, Pre Sales Architects, Enterprise Architects

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction To CompTIA Cloud Plus
    1. Course Overview 00:02:00
    2. PreReqs 00:05:26
    3. Cloud Plus Objectives 00:10:39
  2. Domain 1.0 Configuration and Deployment
    1. Analyzing Requirements Part 1 00:19:10
    2. Analyzing Requirements Part 2 00:05:48
    3. Analyzing Requirements Part 3 Whiteboard 00:09:06
    4. Rightscale Resources 00:08:43
    5. Cloud Deployments 00:19:04
    6. Cloud Components 00:07:29
    7. Baselines and Proof of Concepts 00:15:48
    8. Cloud Architectures Analysis 00:09:52
    9. Implement Deployment Plans 00:12:48
    10. Change Management 00:06:18
    11. Standard Operating Procedures 00:03:33
    12. Cloud Automation 00:03:45
    13. Testing Analysis 00:05:47
    14. Demo Cloud Harmony 00:15:04
    15. Testing Considerations 00:19:21
    16. Demo - Uptime Calculator 00:04:03
    17. Testing Techniques 00:12:11
    18. Success Factors 00:04:19
    19. Networking Configuration 00:07:04
    20. Cloud Networking Basics 00:12:12
    21. Sizing CPUs 00:07:48
    22. Sizing Memory 00:10:52
    23. Storage Provisioning 00:05:09
    24. Cloud Workloads 00:03:04
    25. Workload Migrations 00:05:37
    26. Cloud Extension 00:07:33
    27. Capacity Planning 00:04:35
  3. Domain 2.0 Cloud Security
    1. Security Policy 00:06:04
    2. Encryption Technology 00:07:58
    3. Tunneling Technology 00:04:01
    4. Security Templates 00:03:11
    5. Security Tools 00:04:22
    6. Classifying Data 00:06:41
    7. Segmentation of Resources 00:06:48
    8. Compliance 00:06:20
    9. Security Automation 00:02:48
    10. API 00:05:46
    11. Security Services 00:06:56
    12. Vulnerability Assessments 00:04:23
    13. Networking Connectivity 00:08:36
    14. Network Protocols 00:07:55
    15. Remote Access 00:03:00
    16. Federated Identity 00:04:32
    17. SSO 00:07:11
  4. Domain 3.0 Maintenance
    1. Patching Methodology 00:09:01
    2. Patching VMS 00:07:14
    3. Automate VMS 00:05:49
    4. Updating Resources 00:03:22
    5. Backup Requirements 00:10:38
    6. Cloud Backups 00:05:28
    7. Backup and Restores 00:04:21
    8. Disaster Recovery 00:11:53
    9. DR Testing 00:04:18
    10. DR Techniques 00:04:57
    11. Business Continuity 00:08:26
    12. Demo- Create Project in GCP 00:05:03
    13. Manage Storage 00:16:36
    14. GCP Storage Demo 00:24:34
    15. Sizing Storage 00:10:48
    16. Forecasting 00:06:57
    17. GCP Cloud Calculator 00:13:19
  5. CompTIA Cloud Plus
    1. Capex vs Opex 00:10:02
    2. Chargeback 00:05:32
    3. Application Lifecycles 00:04:32
    4. SLA Management 00:06:29
    5. Storage Performance 00:08:52
    6. Network Connectivity Tools 00:10:29
    7. TroubleShoot Automation 00:05:55
    8. Resource Contention 00:08:49
    9. GCP Storage Migration 00:09:18
    10. AWS VPC Demo 00:02:20
    11. Cloud Attacks 00:07:03
    12. Stackable Certifications 00:02:48
    13. Certification Renewal 00:08:15
    14. CompTIA CEUS 00:04:44
    15. Practice Exams 00:01:29
    16. Closeout and Thank you 00:01:19