Note: Page numbers referencing figures are italicized and followed by an "f". Page numbers referencing tables are italicized and followed by a "t".


3Com APs, 145, 146f

3Com switches, 120

3DES (Triple DES) algorithm, 427t

10 Gigabit Ethernet, 65t

10BASE-2 standard, 26, 65t

10BASE-5 standard, 26, 65t

10BASE-F standard, 65t

10BASE-T standard, 65t

10GBASE-T standard, 66

100 Gigabit Ethernet, 66

100Base-FC fiber cables, 147

100BASE-T standard, 65

37X codes, 224

911 calls, 224–225

96X codes, 224


abstraction, 6

access control, 440

access control lists, 106

access devices, 440

Access layer, 107

access points. See APs

access ports, 132–133, 134f

accounting, 428–429

ACD (automatic call distribution), 241

acknowledgment frames (ACK),

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