Appendix BAnswers to Review Questions

Chapter 1: Core Hardware Components

  1. A, B, E. RAM is memory, which is a temporary data storage area. SSD is a type of hard drive, and BD-ROM discs store data as well. PCI is an expansion slot type, and PSU is a power supply unit.
  2. B. A network interface card (NIC) lets your computer participate on a network, either wired or wireless. Modems require telephone lines. PSU is a power supply unit, and PCIe is an expansion slot type.
  3. C. PCIe is the fastest expansion slot standard on the market today. PCI is much older and slower. Of the PCIe slots, PCIe x16 is the fastest. There is no PCIe x64 (not yet anyway).
  4. D. Blu-ray Discs (BD-ROM) store 25 GB per side per layer. That’s far more than DVDs or CDs.
  5. B. The ...

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