CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ (FCO-U61) Exam Prep Course

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Whether you are looking to pass the CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) certification (FC0-U61) exam or just want to impress your friends and colleagues with your exceptional IT skills, this course will help you master IT fundamentals in a simple and engaging way.

The course starts with the fundamentals of IT and takes you through the basics of computer components and networking. Next, you’ll explore different operating systems, understand data storage and sharing, and work with file management tools.

As you make progress, you’ll explore the process of setting up and configuring basic computer workstations and mobile devices. After you’ve become familiar with the basics, you’ll set up Wi-Fi devices and shared printers and explore options for achieving high-speed internet.

You’ll then discover techniques to identify and prevent basic security risks and solve compatibility issues. You’ll also grasp troubleshooting and computer maintenance concepts and gain a clear understanding of basic database concepts and programming fundamentals.

By the end of this course, you’ll have become well-versed with IT fundamentals and developed the skills needed to pass the CompTIA ITF+ certification (FC0-U61) exam.

What You Will Learn

  • Get to grips with CompTIA IT fundamentals
  • Set up and configure a desktop PC and a mobile device
  • Discover how to work with applications and files
  • Set up network devices such as routers and printers
  • Find out how to secure your network and devices
  • Explore the safety and preventative maintenance of computers


This course is designed for anyone who wants to understand the setup and configuration of computers, laptops, mobiles, and networking devices, as well as those looking to prepare for the CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification (FC0-U61) exam. A basic understanding of computers, mobiles, and network devices is recommended but not necessary.

About The Authors

Total Seminars: Total Seminars, LLC, is a provider of PC and network repair seminars and certification training services through books, videos, and courseware for thousands of organizations throughout the world including the United Nations, the FBI, and all branches of the US Department of Defense.

Mike Meyers is the president and co-founder of Total Seminars, which produces the best-selling CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certification books with over 1 million books in print. He is affectionately called the “Alpha Geek” and is the industry’s leading authority on CompTIA Certifications. He has created several other best-selling video courses on CompTIA certifications with the Total Seminars team of instructors.

Mike has been involved in the computer and network repair industry since 1987 as a technician, instructor, author, consultant, and speaker. He is the author of numerous popular PC books and videos, including the best-selling CompTIA A+ Certification All-In-One Exam Guide and CompTIA Network+ Certification All-In-One Exam Guide. His humorous and easy-to-follow approach to teaching comes through in his video training courses as well as his classroom instructor-led courses. Making IT concepts easy to understand and fun to learn helps students stay engaged and retain the information.

Scott Jernigan: Scott Jernigan is the editor-in-chief of Total Seminars, a provider of PC and network repair seminars, books, videos, and courseware for thousands of organizations worldwide. He has worked in the computer, network, and IT industry since 1996 as a technician, instructor, editor, author, and speaker.

Scott has written, edited, and contributed dozens of books on computer literacy, hardware, operating systems, networking, and certification. He has co-authored the bestselling books Mike Meyers’ CompTIA A+ Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting PCs, CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, and CompTIA IT Fundamentals All-in-One Exam Guide with Mike Meyers.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : How People Use Computers
    1. Introduction to IT fundamentals
    2. The Case for Computer Literacy
    3. Features Common to Every Computing Device
    4. Common General-Purpose Computing Devices
    5. Networks of Computing Devices
    6. Remotely-Accessed Computer Systems
    7. Specialized Computer Systems
    8. Specialty Input/Output (I/O) Devices
  2. Chapter 2 : System Hardware
    1. Central Processing Units (CPUs)
    2. Passive and Active Cooling
    3. Random Access Memory (RAM) and Active Memory
    4. Motherboards
    5. Power Supplies
    6. Ask Me Anything (AMA) about System Hardware
  3. Chapter 3 : Device Ports and Peripherals
    1. Ports and Connectors
    2. General Use Input/Output (I/O) Devices
    3. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Input/Output (I/O) devices, Ports, and Peripherals
  4. Chapter 4 : Data Storage and Sharing
    1. Basics of Binary System
    2. Storage Technologies
    3. Mass Storage Variation
    4. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Data Storage and Sharing
  5. Chapter 5 : Understanding Operating Systems
    1. Operating System Functions
    2. Operating System Interfaces
    3. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Understanding Operating Systems (OSs)
  6. Chapter 6 : Setting Up and Configuring a PC
    1. Preparing the Work Area
    2. Setting Up a Desktop PC
    3. Completing the PC Setup
    4. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Setting Up and Configuring a PC
  7. Chapter 7 : Setting Up and Configuring a Mobile Device
    1. Personalizing a Tablet
    2. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Mobile Devices - Part 1
    3. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Mobile Devices - Part 2
  8. Chapter 8 : Managing Files
    1. File Management Tools
    2. File Manipulation
    3. Backups
    4. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Managing Files
  9. Chapter 9 : Using and Managing Application Software
    1. Walking Survey of Applications
    2. Managing Applications
    3. Applications and Extensions
    4. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Working with Applications
  10. Chapter 10 : Configuring Network and Internet Connectivity
    1. Wi-Fi Setup
    2. Going High Speed
    3. Setting Up and Sharing Printers
    4. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Networks and Internet Connectivity - Part 1
    5. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Networks and Internet Connectivity - Part 2
  11. Chapter 11 : IT Security Threat Mitigation
    1. Physical Security
    2. Dealing with Malware
    3. Password Management
    4. Clickworthy
    5. Perils of Public Internet
    6. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About IT Threat Mitigation - Part 1
    7. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About IT Threat Mitigation - Part 2
  12. Chapter 12 : Computer Maintenance and Management
    1. Power Management
    2. Cleaning and Maintaining Computers
    3. Trash it or Stash it?
    4. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Computer Maintenance and Management
  13. Chapter 13 : IT Troubleshooting
    1. Troubleshooting
    2. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Troubleshooting Computers - Part 1
    3. Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Troubleshooting Computers - Part 2
  14. Chapter 14 : Understanding Databases
    1. Introduction to Databases
    2. Database Details
    3. Ask Me Anything (AMA) about Databases
  15. Chapter 15 : Developing and Implementing Software
    1. Introduction to Programming
    2. Programming with a Peanut Butter and Jelly (PBJ) Sandwich
    3. Ask Me Anything (AMA) about Programming

Product information

  • Title: CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ (FCO-U61) Exam Prep Course
  • Author(s): Total Seminars, Scott Jernigan
  • Release date: October 2020
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781800564060