1. Which of the passwords listed below is considered secured?

A. password123 B. t%h@)_14!*! C. 12345678 D. abcdefgh

  1. Which environment variable stores the current shell?


  1. Which mount point hold system configuration files?

A. /boot B. /home C. /etc D. /var

  1. Which command is used to update GRUB2 in Ubuntu?

A. update-grub2 B. make-grub C. update-grub-gfxpayload D. grub2-update

Answer A

  1. Which directory is the GRUB configuration files located in Ubuntu 18?

A. /boot/grub2/ B. /var C. /etct/grub2/grub/ D. /boot/grub/

  1. Which characters can be used to test 2 conditions and return TRUE if both conditions are true?

A. && B. || C. // D. ==

  1. Which character is used in front an equal sign = to ensure a condition ...

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