Using the parted utility

The parted utility is geared towards situations where we have a hard disk or hard disks larger than 2 TB. Additionally, we can a resize a partition; the fdisk utility cannot resize a partition. Almost all of the newer Linux distributions support the parted utility. parted comes from GNU; it's a text-based partitioning utility that works with a variety of disk types such as MBR, GPT, and BSD, to name but a few.

Always backup your data before doing any partitioning.

To start with, we will use the parted command on the /dev/sdb:

root@ubuntu:/home/philip# parted /dev/sdbGNU Parted 3.2Using /dev/sdbWelcome to GNU Parted! Type 'help' to view a list of commands.(parted)                                                                 

From here, we are placed into the parted utility. ...

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