Working with the KDM

The KDM is one of the more popular display managers available in today's Linux distributions. KDM is based on source code from the X Display Manager; it was developed by KDE. It was, for many years, the display manager for the KDE framework, but that has recently changed. To see KDM, we will use our Fedora 28 system by using the dnf command. Fedora 28 uses the GDM.

We will install the KDE desktop for this demo using the groupinstall option; this will install all of the necessary packages for the KDE desktop:

[root@localhost philip]# dnf groupinstall KDEInstall  412 PackagesUpgrade    3 PackagesTotal download size: 425 MIs this ok [y/N]: y  xorg-x11-apps.x86_64 7.7-20.fc28                                               xorg-x11-fonts-misc.noarch 7.5-19.fc28                                         xorg-x11-xbitmaps.noarch ...

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